Some of the things that I find very helpful in my journey to living a healthier lifestyle are included as follows:

The Bible

All the important principles for living a healthy and fulfilling life are found within scripture.  It is the key resource that everyone needs to truly live the life that God has allowed us to live.  If you would like to know more about why the Bible is so important to me, you can visit the Contact tab and contact me personally.  I would love to know how I can pray for you and share the joy of Christ with you.

Young Living–Seed to Seal

Along with the Bible are my essential oils.  I get mine from Young Living.  You can see why I chose Young Living as my home for essential oils by visiting this page Seed to Seal.

Essential Oil Basics

A huge reason why I chose Young Living is because of my passion for removing toxic chemicals from my life, and wanting to educate others on how the various products in their homes may be keeping them from living the most fulfilling life that they could.  You can view a series of 5 videos titled “Essential Oils 101” on my Youtube page, starting with the 1st video here.  I explain some on the history of essential oils as well as some of their uses.  I dig into the Premium Starter Kit as a place to begin your journey to a chemical free home.  I also share some horrifying facts about what you are using already in your homes.

I also teach a variety of online classes through my Facebook page.  You can find that in my contact tab as well.

YL Search

A quick search engine that I use for topics related specifically to Young Living essential oils is called  I find it to be a quick and easy way to get information I need regarding any topics I’m curious about.

You Need a Gameplan

As a business builder with Young Living, my favorite resource that I’ve put most of my time into is Sarah Harnisch’s book Gameplan.  It’s a book full of tangible concepts that are applicable for any distributor looking to grow a business.  Sarah gives plenty of tips on how to hold a class and follow up, as well as finding your niche in growing the business using your strengths.  It’s a book I highly recommend.  You can find the book here along with other resources she has available at her website,

MLM’s–Are they for real?

Many people are skeptical in this arena for sure.  If you are one of those people, I challenge you to explore this short video about Network Marketing by a Network Marketing superstar, Eric Worre.

Also stop on over to  to see a variety of videos by Richard Bliss.  Many times we are poorly educated on what MLM’s really are, and associate that with pyramid schemes.

For more information on pyramid schemes and MLM’s, you can hop over to my “Home Business” page here.