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Who is the Worst Sinner?

I'm a huge fan of hearing why I'm not good enough.  It gives me great delight to see the many ways that I fail.  I thrive at feeling incompetent. Ha!  Yeah...actually, I hate it. Whenever someone tells me I can't do something, I desperately want to prove them wrong.  I hate feeling exposed of my… Continue reading Who is the Worst Sinner?

Striving at Home

“When Did You Get So Big?”

Bonus Blog this morning!  Aren't you all excited?  I really got into reminiscent mode and couldn't keep the words back. Last night, our family went for a little walk.  Kaylee usually takes a ride in our stroller or wagon while we do this.  This time, she got up and finished the last 3/4 mile with… Continue reading “When Did You Get So Big?”

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Who Prayed for Patience??

"If someone is praying for me to have patience, they can stop now!" This has been a thought that goes through my mind quite often when so many things just keep BUGGING me!  Ever wonder how you develop better patience? How do you develop higher endurance? How do you build up strong muscles? You have… Continue reading Who Prayed for Patience??

Striving at Home

Vacation: Eliminate the Storm Before the Calm

I can't say that I'm much for vacations.  I love getting away, but with my newly-growing family, I haven't had much chance to get out on a long vacation.  The idea of taking very little ones on a long excursion makes me slightly nervous.  I feel a little stressed out when I'm just packing us… Continue reading Vacation: Eliminate the Storm Before the Calm