Striving at Home

T-Minus 10 Weeks

I’ve skipped my Monday blog post this week, not on purpose mind you.  I’ve been preoccupied with another goal of mine.  I’m a fan of finding a regular exercise routine during this pregnancy, but it usually meant doing every other day.  This week, I’ve been doing every day.  And the workouts are a little more “intense.”  Leaving my legs and body in a state of “What are you thinking??”  Gotta love discipline.

I know that this isn’t the time to really build up the muscle mass I’ve been missing, nor is this the time to work on fat-burning cardio.  To me, it’s a maintenance plan.  Nothing more or less.  I really just love the feeling of having my muscles woken up and feeling used during the day.  It’s a good addiction, and I’ll take that over other things.

When I feel fat (which is a lot) I get down in squats or modify me some pushups.  Or take an extended walk outside with my husband.

But really, the main reason during this pregnancy that I’m wanting to keep moving and working is all going for labor.  I’m prepping for that tragic yet magnificent moment again where I’ll be working harder than I’ve ever worked before.  Mentally, emotionally and physically.

As I look at my baby app, I see that I’m now counting down in single digits.  I hit my 9-week marker.  9 weeks til due date.  It may be sooner or later, but that anticipated date we keep bringing up to monitor baby’s progress is only about 9 weeks away.  Right now I say “Where has the time gone?”  In a month, I’ll be saying “This is taking too long!!!”

I remember thinking how Kaylee was going to rock our world.  Having a baby in the house was one thing.  Having a baby and a toddler is something else.  I feel like the boat is getting rocked harder, and this time Kaylee is sitting in the boat with us.  Because Harold and I are bigger, we will adjust a little faster and easier.  Kaylee is still so young that the same rocking motion is going to toss her around that boat a lot more than it would Harold and myself.  I know this will be an exciting time for her, but it will also be something completely unexpected.

So my friends, if you feel you’d like to keep our family in your prayers, you can pray for a healthy end to this pregnancy.  You can keep Kaylee in your prayers as she quickly realizes that the world does not revolve around her, and you can keep Harold and myself in your prayers as we try to make this adjustment for her as easy as possible by showing her how important she still is to us.

If there is any way I can pray for you, please leave it in the comments, or you can contact me privately by any of the ways listed on the “Contact Me” tab.

It’s one way we can keep striving and thriving together.

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