Striving at Home, Striving Spiritually

Who Prayed for Patience??

“If someone is praying for me to have patience, they can stop now!”

This has been a thought that goes through my mind quite often when so many things just keep BUGGING me!  Ever wonder how you develop better patience?

How do you develop higher endurance?
How do you build up strong muscles?

You have to push through some tough barriers for this stuff to grow and develop.  Did you think that character building would be any different?

If you pray for patience, you can bet that God will give you stuff to give you an emotional workout to develop stronger levels of patience.  It’s so frustrating!  Well…it feels so frustrating at the time.

Last week, I was so…impatient!  I love my child so much…I honestly do.  She’s a dear, sweet girl with a beautiful heart that wants to learn and do what Mommy does.  I can’t be mad at her, but MAN!  Last week I was frustrated.  Having a cute little shadow all day wasn’t cute.  I was trying to find time to just breathe and be alone, and wonderful little Kaylee was right there, following me from room to room, wanting to share life with her Mommy.  I was way less than perfect with her last week, and I found myself coming to her many times to apologize for my behavior to her.  It is never too soon to teach this to your child…at least I think so anyway.  I want to be real with my children.  If I goofed, I want Kaylee to know that I realize that I goofed and that I need to seek her forgiveness.  She may not understand “forgiveness” yet, but eventually she will.

God taught me last week, that my level of patience was tested to the point that I realized how weak I was.  There was significant room to grow.  There will always be room to grow.  Just like a runner can always go a little faster, a little further, a little longer…we will never be “perfect” in patience and always have a little further we can go with progress.

As things get under your skin..
As you go through PMS moments…
As your kids seem to find every way to irritate you within the first 5 minutes of your day…

It is an opportunity to grow your patience.  You may be used to 10 pound weights, but
God may be throwing 20 pounds in your workout routine to challenge you.  You may have been used to a 2 mile run, but God says you gotta keep going until you hit 5 miles without stopping.  It’s exhausting, but it’s going to make you stronger.  You hate the run, but you’re so relieved and accomplished when it’s over.

It’s another way that we all will keep striving and thriving.


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